Toni Lien Tran

The company provides services to the public and also works with many law firms and refers clients out to attorneys, doctors and other facilities base on the clients’ needs. The company hires experience, professional and college educated translators/paralegals. Some work is subcontract out to other language specialist depending on the language and project size.

In September of 1996, Toni completed her training in Oregon to be an Immigration Paralegal and received her certification as a certified National Immigration Paralegal.

For over 19 years, Toni Translation Inc. has provided services to medical facilities, law firms, insurance companies, government facilities and the public. The company has helped thousands of people in the Asian community needing translation and services in the areas of law, immigration, real estate, business, and human and social services as well.

Toni also gives back to the community by donating her time and money. She sings at charity events to raise money for orphans, the disabled and the under privileged. Toni Translation Inc. has helped hundreds of people become U.S. Citizens by helping them through the whole process from providing CD’s and study materials in four different languages (English, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin), filling out applications, driving them to their appointments and translating at the interview appointments. They understand the needs of the community, especially in helping the poor and elderly who have language barriers, are computer illiterate and have no transportation or medical coverage. They are well connected with attorneys, Federal and State benefit programs and the facilities to help the public. Toni’s motto is “under promise and over deliver!”

As an Entrepreneur, Toni has helped her family and many others start up their businesses since then. She also currently is a Managing Member of UNITED BANK CARD OF COLORADO LLC, providing Harbortouch credit card Point-Of-Sales Systems, credit card terminals and payment processing services nationwide and is also an Independent Real Estate Member Broker with BROKERS GUILD CHERRY CREEK LTD/ BROKERS GUILD RELOCATION AND REFFERAL, LTD helping the public buy and sell their homes. I ask her, “How do you have the time to do all this?” She laughs and says “I have excellent staff and am a true entrepreneur to help people and businesses get the job done from A-Z!”

Toni says “I love what I do. I love helping people and I feel so blessed and grateful to be in this country and to have the opportunity to make a difference and help people in the community while continuing to learn something new every day.”  But she doesn’t want her daughters to forget their Vietnamese Heritage and culture so she is working on her biography to let them know the struggles and journey of three generations of strong Vietnamese women in her family and her experiences in coming to America and living the dream. Toni hopes to be a good role model in society and encourages minority women to live out their dreams and be independent and successful in business.

In 1979, Toni's grandmother contacted the local social worker to help locate all of her six children that were scattered all over the U.S. to reunite in Colorado where she resided. Thus, Toni and her six siblings grew up in Denver.  Understanding that America is the land of opportunities, they worked hard to be successful. She and many of her family members and relatives are now successful business owners.  Toni's father was imprisoned in a Vietnamese Re-education Camp after the war ended because he was a Major of the Red Beret Airborne Division in the South Vietnamese Army. He was released after five years and within nine days escaped by boat and re-united with the family in the U.S. in 1980.

Toni continued to attend school to learn both the Vietnamese and the English language and was in the first International Baccalaureate Program at George Washington High School for advance students. As a teenager, Toni focused on school, charity work and music. She volunteered at Samaritan House downtown Denver in the soup kitchen for the homeless, sang in the Vietnamese Catholic Church Choir, taught young children Vietnamese and bible study and also joined the first Vietnamese band in Colorado “Mixed Emotions” and was the lead singer. She was given the Youth Citizenship Award for her academics and contributions to society.  


Toni's Biography

The following was authored by Wendy Chao, President, Editor and Chief of the Chinese Colorado News.

The first time I met Toni Lien Tran and heard her story, I knew she was an intelligent and a very strong, independent woman. We both have a strong business background and we clicked immediately.  I was amazed to hear about all the services that her company provided to the Vietnamese community in Colorado and express the need for her services in the Chinese community as well. Thus I agreed to do an article on her.

Toni Lien Tran was born in Vung Tau, a fishing village in Southern Vietnam and was among the first wave of refugees to emigrate with her family, consisting of her mother and six siblings to the U.S. on a fishing boat on April 30th, 1975.  Escaping communism, they were stranded in the South China Sea and were picked up by a U.S. navy ship and taken to Guam.  Later they were flown to a refugee camp at Fort Chaffee in Arkansas, while waiting for an American family to sponsor them and help them adjust to their new life in America.

Toni Lien Tran is an entrepreneur, singer and philanthropist committed to making a difference in the Asian Community. Her substantial work to this effect has earned her honors including:

Certificate of Merit, October 20, 2012

Toni received this prestigious award from National Commanding General Joseph V. Potter, United States Vietnamese American Veterans Alliance, for her community services, and dedication of service in honoring American and Vietnamese veterans.

Community Service Award, January 26, 2008

Toni earned this recognition by Bill Ritter Jr., Governor of the State of Colorado, for her outstanding contribution to the State of Colorado, the Vietnamese Community and the Elderly Association of Colorado.

In 1985, Toni moved to California and graduated from Fountain Valley High School in 1986 with honors. She understood the importance of having a great education and the opportunities in the U.S. and continued her education and attended the University of Irvine, California in 1987.  Toni moved back to Colorado and graduated from Metropolitan State College of Colorado earning a Bachelor of Science in Managerial Entrepreneurship in 1991, specializing in management and starting up businesses. She is the first girl in her entire generation to go to college and graduate.

Toni worked at a law firm upon graduating from college and being a true entrepreneur that she is, she started her own paralegal and translation company, TONI TRANSLATION INC. in Denver, Colorado since May 1996.

Finally, at the age of five, Toni and her family were sponsored by Father Mathew Moore who was a military Catholic priest.  The family re-located to Belleview, Illinois where there was only one other Vietnamese family. Toni started kindergarten and adapted to the American culture quickly.  Within a year, she spoke English fluently.  She had a gift of language and she loves to sing.